In October 2019, Real California Milk held the second edition of the California Dairy Products Contest where 8 teams competed for a trip to Napa, California. The Food & Wine team showed by Chef Antonio Garrido and Chef Mariana Rojas surprised the jury with their dishes and became winners of the Training in Trends and handling of dairy products, based at the CIA, Copia in Napa, California.

In January 2020, the chefs of Food & Wine Table and Chef Abraham Alanis of Laben Foodservice travel to California to receive the training. During the trip, the chefs visited Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese where they participated in a Culinary Trends Workshop 2020 presented by CIA executive chefs, Brad Barnes & Barbara Alexander who also offered a culinary and tasting experience with their own recipes made with California dairy products.

They had a tour in the Farmstead Cheese, to learn about the quality processes of Real California Milk and the animal care, one of the main characteristics of Real California Milk dairy products. The last day the chefs had the experience of cooking at the CIA facilities, Copy being part of multiculturalism reflected in the dishes of chefs from different parts of the world.

Antonio Garrido, Mariana Rojas, and Abraham Lanis went back home with the knowledge and dairy training to be implemented in their kitchens and processes in order to offer quality and flavor in their recipes.