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At Imalinx, we develop go-to-market strategies for the food and beverage sector in Latin America.



We passionately believe in what we do and focus our efforts in achieving the best results. We have the sensibility to understand and worry about the needs of our people, our clients and our market in order to empathetically provide solutions that generate prosperity. We respect our team members and our resources while striving to find the best alternative to reach our objectives with integrity. Structure and purpose with discipline form part of everything we do. We create bonds because we understand the importance of forming authentic, meaningful and respectful relationships with everyone we interact with. And, most importantly, as a team we have fun, encourage the balance, wellbeing and growth of all of us that are part of Imalinx.



Through our proprietary Needs Identification Process, we understand the markets and the region, procure relationships and work to effectively discover the opportunities focusing on our clients’ key users and consumers.

Within Food and Beverage, we are diversified into 8 industries


Our goal

As we expand our coverage, our goal is to make Latin America one of the top 3 markets for our clients. Currently, we are active in the following countries and territories:

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Proud members of:
  • Australia - Mexico - New Zeland Chamber of Commerce (Since 2010)
  • International Fresh Produce Association (Since 2007)
Miembros anteriormente de:
  • Board of Directors Produce Marketing Association (2015-2018)
  • Marketing Bachelor’s Degree Council, ITESM Morelos (2014-2017)
  • Fresh Summit Committee Produce Marketing Association (2009-2012)

Awards & Recognitions


We believe in talent development and bringing generations together to teach and learn from each other.

The company’s 6-month trainee program in alliance with the ITESM Campus Morelos has helped develop future professionals in an international working environment since 2010.

Several of our staff form part of the Young Professional Leaders group of the Produce Marketing Association. In addition, two of our team members were selected to participate in the COCHRAN-USDA program in 2015.