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Thailand – Annual Meeting of Real California Milk

Members of imalinx traveled to Thailand to be part of the annual meeting with different countries and members of the Real California Milk.

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Training at CIA Napa, California.

In October 2019, Real California Milk held the second edition of the California Dairy Products Contest where 8 teams competed for a trip to Napa, California. The Food & Wine team showed by Chef Antonio Garrido and Chef Mariana Rojas surprised the jury with their dishes and became winners of the Training in Trends and […]

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Introduction of New Dairy Products to the Mexican Market

The foodservice channel recorded this year the entry of several dairy products with the California Dairy Commission Seal to different supermarket chains in Mexico.

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Local Pizza Promotions

Imalinx developed a strategy to increase the use of California Cheeses at local Pizzerias in different regions of the Country.

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Promotion of Pizzas at Xolos Stadium

The Real California Milk Seal was present at Xolos Stadium in Tijuana with two points of sale at Jhon´s Pizza, as the stadium’s exclusive brand of pizza.

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Calimax convention

California Milk Advisory Board participated in the first Calimax Convention.

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1st California Dairy Contest

IImalinx celebrated the first Real California Milk contest in Mexico with the aim of involving and developing culinary professionals from the country in the world of California dairy farms.

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Abastur and Pizzas Seminar

Participation at the Abastur Expo and in a pizza seminar in the workshops.

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Real California Milk present at Cake & Bake Masters

During November 2, 3 and 4, 2018, Real California Milk was the official sponsor of the Cake & Bake Masters 2018 welcome dinner. With the presence of popular chef Adriano Zumbo. Prestigious chefs of sweet gastronomy worldwide and important media in the country were invited to taste the special menu prepared with California cheese.   The dinner was […]

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Mexican Pizza Championship

Real California Milk Mexico sponsored the fourth edition of the Mexican Pizza Championship 2018. 

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Real California Milk Media Tours in Mexico

During the 2018 season, representatives of the Real California Milk brand in Mexico met with regional media in Monterrey, Cancun and Tijuana to give interviews and advertise the added value of the Real California Milk certification label on dairy products made with milk 100 % of cow milk.  There were 20 interviews with television, radio and […]

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