During the month of May 2004, reporters and representatives from more than 20 countries travelled to Tauranga, New Zealand to be part of an important celebration: the arrival of kiwifruit (which was known as Chinese gooseberry) to the country.  

Media contacts from Asia, Europe and America participated in the program. From Mexico, writers from the newspaper Reforma, Editorial Televisa and Delicias de la Cocina participated as part of the strategic markets program of the Zespri kiwifruits. There was a global coordination with the different media, a tour in Auckland, a trip to the cultivation areas in Tauranga in New Zealand and to a Maori community; and a gala event chaired by Hellen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand. 

The main objective was to show a sneak peek of what New Zealand has to offer to Mexico, and the evolution of that have these kiwifruits since the moment they are grown until they reach the consumer’s table.  

The two things that stood out the most among all the participants were the warmth of the country and the passion for the fruit. What impressed all the attendees was the quality on which the kiwifruit is grown and how the country has focused on becoming the kiwifruit in its national fruit.  

After this visit, Zespri’s program in Mexico registered a 20% annual increase and the country became part of the 20 principal markets for this delicious fruit.