U.S. Wines “Best Served with Friends” Promotion

During the period August-September, a promotion of U.S. wines was executed for its consumption in Mexico. The project was carried out in coordination with the Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA).

The promotion was developed through three components:

  • Seminar / Press conference with sommeliers and specialized media.  

A seminar taught by Omar Barbosa, sommelier of the year.  42 restaurant managers and industry professionals attended to the event.

  • “Wine of the month” campaign 

It included the participation of 10 restaurants in Mexico City, Monterrey and San Miguel de Allende, who promoted tastings of U.S. wines and used material of the campaign. This resulted in an increase in sales of 14%.

  • Public relations 

The campaign efforts were carried out through an investment in newspapers, magazines and the participation at the trade show Abastur. The national coverage had the objective to communicate the origin, benefits and characteristics of the product, achieving a total reach of 7.2 million consumers.