For the first time in history, the women’s team competed in order to participate in the Seventh World Cup of Rugby that was carried out from July 20th to July 22nd in San Francisco, California. During the previous season to the World Cup, the Zespri kiwifruit recharged the vitality and energy of the Serpientes women’s team of the Rugby Mexican Federation.  

The Classification Tournament took place on June at Campo Marte, Mexico City, where the team had qualified to the World Cup to compete with the best international teams, being the first contest Mexico vs New Zealand. 

As the official sponsor, Zespri was in charge of gather the best moments of the players and was Michelle Farah (27 years) who shared with us what motivates her to play:  

“It motivates me everything that is behind a match, a team that is my family, my family who supports me, the passion I have for sport, the values it incalculates and what implies this discipline, and the fact to share and to transmit the culture of rugby in our country.” 

We recognize that the girls’ discipline, persistence and attitude have taken the team Serpientes to meet great goals and keep training to take the name of Mexico to great leagues and to leave all the passion in the field.