Trade mission sponsored by the Western Agro-Commercial Association of the United States (WUSATA) where 7 companies from the Western United States will travel to Bogotá and Panama with the objective of meeting with key members of the trade and promoting their products. The companies that participated were: Trinidad Benham Corp, Frontiere Natural Meats, Made in Nature, Motherlode Provisions, Primo Pup, Empact Bars and Campesino Cheese.

Imalinx coordinates hotels, transportation, internal flights and coordinates meetings with key members of each company’s industry. The activities carried out in the mission consisted of: 2 rounds of 1 to 1 meetings in Bogotá and a 1 to 1 business round in Panama where exporters were able to display and promote their products, exporters visited to visit and meet between 3 and 4 branches of the main supermarket chains in Colombia and Panama and a visit to the Panama Canal was coordinated.

A total of 91 meetings with 27 importers were coordinated in both countries. One of the participating companies shared that it is in the process of negotiating with importers from the regions and one of them made a purchase of its products.

US products are well received in Colombia and Panama and there was a great response from Colombian and Panamanian businessmen. Exploring both markets is highly recommended.