Outbound Trade Mission, México 2022 

Imalinx with the Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA) oversaw coordinating a trade mission in Mexico City and Monterrey from October 10 to 13. Eleven companies from different categories such as snacks, cocktails, spices, seeds, flour, oysters, and general groceries registered for the mission. 

The mission included one-on-one meetings, retail tours, and educational sessions from Imalinx and the Agricultural Trade Office to better understand the market in each city. Each company had an average of 8 appointments in both cities with a total of 150 meetings during the mission, all with buyers who have a specific interest in exporters. 

The retail tour was made in Costco, City Market, Chredaui, Showroom Hanseatik, HEB, and S-mart. Companies were able to better understand their competition in Mexico, price range, indirect competition, and different formats available in Mexico City and Monterrey. 

“We are so grateful for all your help, Andrea’s, and Marco’s, before, during and after the trade mission. You all were amazing. The mission exceeded my and Chance’s expectations and was invaluable with the connections we made and the knowledge/information we gained about the markets, trends, and the area.” – Lisa Meeting, Caffe Frutta Gelato. 


Six companies from the Western United States belonging to WUSATA, participated in ANTAD 2022, offering their products in the show’s American pavilion, meeting with self-service buyers with the aim of incorporating their products into the Mexican market. The attending companies were:

  • Agropur
  • Primo Pup
  • Eagle Eye Produce
  • Carrel Exports
  • American Trading International
  • Washington State Department of Agriculture

Imalinx oversaw assisting the American companies with the coordination of meetings with supermarkets, importers and distributors in the booth and outside of it, achieving the presence of more than 15 importers and supermarkets at the event.

This edition of ANTAD turned out to be effective, since our visiting companies from the Western United States were able to set up successful meetings with several buyers in search of new products.

SIAL America – Inbound trade mission 

A success story of a great opportunity for six Mexican buyers (Comercializadora Mexport, Casa Ley, Grupo Cimarron, Hanseatik, Good Express and Dualmex) where, through the support of WUSATA, they traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the SIAL America’s first show edition and the Pizza Expo show with the objective of increasing their portfolio. 

Our buyers had one-on-one meetings with more than 28 suppliers from the Western United States looking to enter the Mexican market. These meetings took place inside and outside the SIAL America show and they as well had the opportunity to visit 3 American supermarkets to learn more about products and current trends in the United States.  

Onion inbound trade mission – Idaho and Oregon

On behalf of the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA), an inbound trade mission was carried out in Idaho and Oregon with 4 buyers from Mexico with the objective of meeting with exporters of onions in both states. The following companies participated in the trade mission: 

• Casa Chávez

• Frescos del Sureste 

• Comestibles Maldonado 

• Coliman 

The buyers visited Idaho and Oregon to meet with 6 exporters and learn about their facilities and the harvesting process. As a result of the trade mission, there were purchases of around 4-6 loads of onion by importers. 

Mexico added-value Outbound Trade Mission in Mexico City and Monterrey with a Central American and regional buyers delegation.

On behalf of the Western United States Agicultural Trade Association (WUSATA), a trade mission was carried out in Mexico City and Monterrey with 16 US exporters with the objective of creating commercial ties between importers from Mexico and Central America and Western United States exporters. 3 importers from Central America were present at the business rounds in Mexico City; importers visited us from Colombia, Costa Rica and El Salvador. And in Monterrey we were accompanied by 4 regional importers from Tijuana, Mexicali and Chihuahua. 

One on one meetings were held at the hotel facilities, resulting in a total of 275 meetings with an average of 17 meetings per exporter. There were on-site sales. In the Monterrey portion, the US consulate general was present at the meetings and had the opportunity to meet with the exporters and trade members. 

Virtual Trade Mission with added value products

A trade mission was coordinated between 23 exporters and 33 importers in Mexico. 123 business meetings were accomplished between suppliers and buyers with the objective of creating commercial relations. This mission was coordinated on behalf of WUSATA. 

The import of samples from the 23 participating American companies was coordinated to later provide them to the participating buyers, 123 meetings were coordinated as well as support with translation and market information. 

Each company had an average of 5 meetings with importers. 

Latin America virtual business mission

WUSATA carried out a virtual trade mission between exporters from the Western Union States and importers from 5 Latin American countries. The objective was to generate new business relationships and mission was divided into 4 categories on 4 different dates:

  • 27 August 2020 – Value-added products 
  • 3 September 2020 – Specialty drinks  
  • September 10, 2020 – Seafood  
  • 17 September 2020 – Fruits and vegetables  

18 companies from the Western Union States participated in the mission and 26 importers from different countries such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Panama and Dominican Republic were present. Each exporter had an average of 5 meetings, with a total of 106 meetings across the mission.

This activity was previously planned for a face-to-face trip to Costa Rica and Colombia but due to the restrictions of the pandemic we resorted to technology and offered the possibility of having private and group sessions. This new mode of business mission resulted efficiency and the possibility to target a greater number of contacts with previous and virtual agendas.

Southern United States VIRTUAL Trade Mission

The U.S Southern Agricultural Trade Association with the help of imalinx coordinated the first virtual business mission in Mexico where 16 exporters signed up for digital business meetings with key contacts from the food and beverage industry with the objective of exploring new business opportunities for the Mexican market in the mid and long term.

Due to the COVID contingency, SUSTA and Imalinx had to migrate the in-person trade mission originally scheduled for Houston and Atlanta to a digital format that helped expand the number of registered buyers and exporters. Through the Zoom platform, Imalinx offered a virtual seminar to the 16 exporting companies talking about Mexico’s country overview, business situation, new labeling regulation and recommendations for the sessions. Followed by appointment coordination, sample logistics and follow-up after the event with exporters and buyers.

A total of 53 appointments were confirmed and divided in two blocks. The first was for categories of general snacks and groceries, the second for special categories such as plant proteins, cocktails, craft beer, among others. All contacts received pre-event samples to make products available during meetings, This facilitated the communication, immediate feedback and preparation of buyers for appointments.

Walter Brooks of Brooksmade Gourmet Foods 

“I really looked forward to it and it was great. We will definitely come back and let you know if we could use your help in the future with these relationships”.

Jaime Fuentes de Brand Rep’s Cancun  

“They were quite interested in our brokerage services. Likewise, their proposal has already been sent to each one so that, if accepted, they can start representing them in Mexico and be able to introduce their products to the markets they indicate us”.

Yellow Onions Virtual Trade Missions

WUSATA conducted a virtual trade mission between exporters between the states of Idaho, Oregon and Mexican Importers, with the aim of developing business relationships. Appointments were made between leading exporters and distributors and importers in Mexico in both, the retail and wholesale sectors.

This activity was an alternative to traditional trade missions that have been face-to-face. There were significant efficiencies in resources, budgets and time. Activities were programmed in anticipation so that the yellow onion season of Idaho and Eastern Oregon could begin strongly.

This new mode of trade mission proved to be very practical since from the comfort of the participant’s home of office. Strong and long lasting ties can be formed while staying safe at the same time.

Trade Mission to Colombia and Panama

Trade mission sponsored by the Western Agro-Commercial Association of the United States (WUSATA) where 7 companies from the Western United States will travel to Bogotá and Panama with the objective of meeting with key members of the trade and promoting their products. The companies that participated were: Trinidad Benham Corp, Frontiere Natural Meats, Made in Nature, Motherlode Provisions, Primo Pup, Empact Bars and Campesino Cheese.

Imalinx coordinates hotels, transportation, internal flights and coordinates meetings with key members of each company’s industry. The activities carried out in the mission consisted of: 2 rounds of 1 to 1 meetings in Bogotá and a 1 to 1 business round in Panama where exporters were able to display and promote their products, exporters visited to visit and meet between 3 and 4 branches of the main supermarket chains in Colombia and Panama and a visit to the Panama Canal was coordinated.

A total of 91 meetings with 27 importers were coordinated in both countries. One of the participating companies shared that it is in the process of negotiating with importers from the regions and one of them made a purchase of its products.

US products are well received in Colombia and Panama and there was a great response from Colombian and Panamanian businessmen. Exploring both markets is highly recommended.