Cooking with renowned chefs from Mexico

During the month of December, Imalinx coordinated a program with 5 renowned chefs from mexico who had the opportunity to cook with dried fruits, dairy and fresh products.

With the aim of promoting the consumption of products such as yellow onions, raisins, California cheese and butter during the holiday season, Imalinx with the support of Beto Lanz coordinatedthis program with 5 renowned chefs across Mexico.

Participating Chefs: Pablo Salas, Bianca Castro, Andrea Martínez, Juan Emilio Villaseñor and Christian González, who developed easy-to-replicate recipes using the previously mentioned ingredients as the star ingredient.

Each of the recipes were published on the Chef’s own digital channels and replicated on the social networks of the brand in order to amplify the reach.

Pablo Salas, from the Amaranta Restaurant, developed a recipe of NY Sliders with yellow onion.

Bianca Castro. Biscottis Pastry baked a total of 3 recipes with California raisin butter, as well as a yellow onion crumble.

Andrea Martinez, from Casa Liebre prepared 2 recipes with California cheese and butter and a pork rind in Raisin Adobo. Also a Pasta made by yellow onion

Juan Emilio Villaseñor, from La Cocinoteca presents us with a recipe for mole with raisins, a butter with garlic and yellow onion stuffed with Cod.

Christian González from Boulangerie Amasijo, innovated by creating a raisin chamoy and a crisp shortbread based on California butter.

Luis Serdio from Corazón de Pollo, with a unique concept of gourmet rotisserie offered a limited edition Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Mac&Cheese box with California cheeses.

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Chef Irving Quiroz highlights the importance of butter in baking

On June 17, an online seminar was held for more than 1,000 registered participants taught by Chef Irving Quiroz where he spoke about the importance of butter as a key ingredient in baking. 

During the 90-minute session, Chef Irving Quiroz shared his knowledge and experiences with butter, highlighting the importance of quality butter, the optimum temperature for different types of baking, and the process of sifting the flour and fermenting the dough. Also, he explained the differences between a margarine and butter, an important characteristic at the end of the baking.  

Chef Irving Quiroz baked: Conchas Gourmet, Chocolate Chip Cookies and a little-known bread in Mexico called Kouign Amann, a typical bread from the French region of Bretagne that means “Butter tart” and which has a special cold-rolling process. The digital recipe book was available to download at 

The event was moderated by Beto Lanz, author and journalist about travel and gastronomy in Mexico and the world. Beto emphasized the origin, the process and the flavor of California Butter in addition to answering the participants’ questions. 

Webinar record: 

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To celebrate National Raisin Day (USA) in Mexico, we coordinated a media experience in Mexico so media contacts could enjoy a naturally sweet snack from home. 

The activity was coordinated with our public relations agency, who selected specialized media (foodies, nutrition, mommy bloggers among others) to send them a kit of California raisins to their home. The kit included a mason jar with California raisins branded material and a digital recipe book with 5 healthy snacks made by our nutrition specialist Fernanda Alvarado. 

Total results: 14 distributed media kits, more than 20 publications in digital and social media. 

Also, we sent two press releases to specialized cooking, bakery, nutrition, and gastronomy media with the goal of sharing relevant information about the benefits of baking with California raisins. We also took the opportunity to talk about the history of National Raisin Day. 

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Imalinx executed a #StayHome campaign on behalf of the Idaho Potato Commission with the goal of creating a unique consumer program that encouraged potato consumption. 

The proposal was executed by renowned chefs on the Mexican border: Adria Marina, Bianca Castro and Javier Plascencia, who developed home cooking recipes with Idaho potatoes as the main ingredient. The chefs used different digital platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram Lives and YouTube where they spread their own recipes.  

Likewise, the activity was merged with a retail marketing strategy, with printed QR codes which, send the user to one of the recipes developed by the chefs. These eight recipes were published at the official site in a new section “Recipe of the week”. 

The proposal was accompanied by a communication activity in Calimax, a supermarket chain in Tijuana, where different content with Idaho potatoes was published through social networks, as well as radio and television ads on its internal channel. As a surprise activity, people also participated in an activity to win exclusive prizes for the brand from their homes through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

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Real California Milk present at Cake & Bake Masters

During November 2, 3 and 4, 2018, Real California Milk was the official sponsor of the Cake & Bake Masters 2018 welcome dinner. With the presence of popular chef Adriano Zumbo. Prestigious chefs of sweet gastronomy worldwide and important media in the country were invited to taste the special menu prepared with California cheese.  

The dinner was carried out at the Alfredo restaurant of the Presidente InterContinental Hotel, presented by Executive Chef Mauro Chiecchio, who developed three dishes with three varieties of California cheeses to delight diners with their flavor.   

    Pizza with Four Cheese Varieties: Monterey Jack, Provolone, Mozzarella and Gorgonzola cheese
    Asparagus with Monterey Jack Cheese Fonduta  
    Rigatoni with Fresh Tomato, Mozzarrella and Basil 
    Roast Short Rib with Creamy Polenta  
    Blueberry Bavarian creme, Red Fruits and Limoncello Foam


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Mexican Pizza Championship

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and the California Milk Advisory Board organized the fourth edition of the Mexican Pizza Championship where 8 pizza makers from different cities and restaurants competed to obtain the “Best Mexican Pizza maker 2018” and will represent Mexico in the Pizza World Championship in Naples, Italy.   

With more than 500 spectators among industry professionals and pizza lovers, each participant had to bake three different types of pizza: classic, creative and aesthetic using high quality ingredients and with the best flavor.  

The jury was conform by representatives of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, The Accademia Italiana della Cucina, industry experts and opinion leaders:  

  • Francesco Brocchi (adviser of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico and sponsor of the event).  
  • Carlos Sands (“Sale el Sol” host).  
  • Chef Paulina Abascal (pastry chef).  
  • Chef Yogui – Mariano Garcés (“Hoy” t.v. show chef and influencer).  
  • Roberto Caporuscio (Pizza chef and Pizza Academy Foundation person in charge in US and ambassador for Caputo flour).  
  • Chef Mauricio Sanchez-Gracia (Trattoria Palacio restaurant chef).  
  • Bernardine Flores Alanís (Baker owner of Bread Panaderos).  
  • Chef Mario Miele (Pizza chef and owner of pizza restaurants in Mexico). 
  • Victor Stewens (Representative of the Accademia de la Cucina Italiana). 
  • Pablo Von Bertrab (Representative of CESSA University). 

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Real California Milk Media Tours in Mexico

During the 2018 season, representatives of the Real California Milk brand in Mexico met with regional media in Monterrey, Cancun and Tijuana to give interviews and advertise the added value of the Real California Milk certification label on dairy products made with milk 100 % of cow milk. 

There were 20 interviews with television, radio and printed media to talk about dairy consumption in Mexico, the benefits of including them in the daily diet, the importance of identifying the certification label that guarantees products made with 100% cow milk, and the availability of products under the label of Real California Milk in the Mexican market.    With this initiative, it was possible to create an impact of more than 3 million consumers in different Mexico regions and raise awareness about the importance of dairy products in the Mexicans diet. 

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Spread the word about Zespri® Media Tours in Mexico

During the 2018 season, representatives of Zespri® Kiwifruit in Mexico met with regional media in Chihuahua and Monterrey to give interviews and advertise the value of Zespri® Kiwifruit. 

As a result of the interviews, it was possible to reach an audience of 918,230 consumers, through television, radio and newspaper programs. Touching main topics such as the origin of kiwis, varieties, health benefits and how to eat them.  

During the 2018 season, representatives of Zespri® in Mexico met with the regional media of Chihuahua and Monterrey to give interviews and publicize the value of Zespri® kiwifruit. 

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Starts the kiwi Zespri season in Mexico  

The 2018 season of kiwi Zespri began with a vitality breakfast launching, assistants were welcome with a fullbody  functional class and later, they enjoy the taste of kiwis Zespri in a breakfast.   

Brand’s representatives also participated in the event: Head of Marketing for Americas, Raul Murguía and the Marketing Director in Mexico, Ines Masallach, as well as the nutritionist Mariana Mancera, as the brand spokeswoman in nutrition subjects.   

Reuniting 35 media in Mexico City, they managed to hit to 140.701 consumers in the metropolitan area.   

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Cheese Lovers Fest

The first event of the year organized by Real California Milk took place in NH Hotel Collection to receive more than 34 media and bloggers, food and specially cheese lovers.   

The event was attended by four chefs: Consuelo Herrera, executive chef of Real California Milk, Iván Millán, Claudia Villegas and Zianya Palma, student of the CESSA and winner of a Class Masters organized by Real California Milk. The event offered a gastronomical route with recipes prepared with cheese in its main varieties:  Mozzarella, Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese.   

The participation of media resulted in 26.463.854 impacts generated through different channels: social media, blogs, digital notes, interviews and magazines that promoted the Real California Milk seal.  

Read the digital notes :

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