This year we held a sampling program at Costco in late July and early August. For this activation, fresh Idaho potatoes were tasted in 17 Costco stores in 6 cities around the country.

The objective of the activity was for people to taste the unique flavor of Idaho potatoes, how they are prepared and to identify the “Grown in Idaho” seal as a guarantee that they are acquiring authentic Idaho potatoes of the highest quality.

During the two tasting weekends, more than 2,175 bags of 10 pounds of fresh potatoes were sold, equivalent to $345.8k in sales, thus obtaining an ROI of 195%


This year we held three weeks of Idaho Potato samplings at 36 City Club stores across the country from July through September.  

The objective of the activity was for people to know about the unique and delicious flavor of Idaho potatoes, how they are prepared, and to identify the “Grown in Idaho” seal as a guarantee that they are getting the highest quality and authentic Idaho potatoes. 

During this month and a half, Idaho potatoes in frozen format in wavy and straight cuts were used for sampling days, reaching sales of more than 851 boxes of frozen potatoes, which are equal to more than $450k in sales, therefore obtaining an ROI of 41%. 

For the October demos, an activation was held at City Club San Jeronimo with the presence of Paola Longoria, where a Meet and Greet took place with the athlete. Where the people had the opportunity to meet her, take pictures and sign autographs. This demo had around 50 attendees who were in the store for the event and a huge reach in networks due to the communication that Paola made on Instagram where she has more than 324,000 followers.  


This year, we were able to introduce the different presentations of California Select Farms brand cheeses to the City Club chain. To boost sales, sampling sessions were held nationwide on 4 weekends during June and July. 

The objective of the activity was for people to know more about the cheeses offered by Real California Milk, so that they can learn about the value and differentiation of dairy products with the seal and thus make better purchasing decisions. 

For the tastings, the 6 different varieties were used, during the 10 days of demos a total of 3,467 cheeses were sold  obtaining an ROI of 82%. 

California Milk y  Sam’s Club Digital Program 

Due to Mother’s Day and the multiple recipes that can be made with Real California Milk’s mozzarella cheese, we implemented a strategy throughout the month of May through Sam’s Club digital magazine to promote and publicize the quality of the seal. 

Editorial content was published promoting the brand’s own mozzarella cheese “Member’s Mark” in its two presentations, in bar and grated. This effort was supported by mobile and static banners on the Sam’s Club website, as well as posts on its social networks. These efforts were in force during the month of May seeking to promote the Memember’s Mark mozzarella cheese and the slogan of Real California Milk “Look for the seal”, where flavor, quality and performance were the main messages to highlight about the product. 

During the promotion, a total of $13.7 M was sold nationwide, adding both presentations of mozzarella cheese. On the other hand, the campaign achieved a total of 1.86M impressions and a CTR of 2%. 


On February 18, 2022, Pizza DePrizza unveiled its new pizza with pork rinds; a collaboration between Real California Milk and Carnes La Ramos, one of the most important butcheries in the North of the Republic founded in 1968, which with over time and the quality of their products became increasingly popular with their customers and in the whole region.

Faced with this and wanting to surprise their loyal clientele, La Ramos, set out to launch a new product that, without imagining it, would become one of the most popular and most preferred flavors in the north of the country: Pizza with Chicharrón de La Ramos. This delicious creation can be tasted in simple bites, as a stew or in a succulent sauce, turning it, thanks to its versatility, into an iconic and one of the favorite’s products of the region that later became so in most of corners throughout the country.

During the first quarter of launch, from February 15 to May 12, more than 21,575 pizzas were sold. This implied an increase on the California cheese sales within the pizzeria’s consumption with more than 1,425 tons and with more than 4,275 tons of California cheese during the quarter. The launching campaign included radio spots, printed flyers, social media advertising, trucks, billboards, influencers and more.

As of the launch date and during this first quarter, this new variety begins to stabilize as a product that hopefully will perdure in the Pizza DePrizza catalog.

Within the northern market of the country, it has been well accepted and in other areas it is beginning to be known.

SuperChivas Christmas Promotion

The event consisted of a Christmas promotion together with the SuperChivas supermarket chain to position the Russet potatoes as well as the  “Grown in Idaho”  seal.

The draw was promoted in point of sale with an outdoor canvas in the stores and promotion in cash register, social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and SuperChivas website, posters in strategic points of the city of Mexicali, 40 monthly spots on local television, Mention in local radio and RadioChivas that is reproduced in the 21 branches of this supermarket. 

The promotion  stated that customers had to make a minimum purchase of 350 Mexican pesos in the chain to participate in monthly consumption vouchers for one year. 

There were a total of 21 winners who will receive monthly vouchers and we achieved 100% Idaho presente at the point of sale

Partnership with Costco México for pizza promotion.

Costco and California Milk Advisory Board teamed up to promote the varieties of pizzas from Costco Service Deli in different key seasons along the year.

Children’s Day

The origin of the cheese was promoted during the celebration of Children’s Day from April 26 to May 2 promoting the varieties:  italian, cheese and pepperoni.

During the promotion, a total of 9,208 units were sold nationwide, with an increase in sales of 3% for pepperoni pizza, 40% for Italian pizza and 166% for cheese pizza. 

Accompanied by publications on Costco’s Facebook page that resulted in 226Kpeople reached. The paid advertising campaign in Real California Milk networks resulted in more than 500, 000 impressions. 


The promotion ran for almost a month to accompany the festivities in the Halloween season from October 27 to November 21, promoting three varieties of pizza: italian pizza, pepperoni and the launch of the new flavor boneless buffalo.

During the promotion, a total of 76,094 units were sold nationwide, with an increase in sales of 28% for pepperoni pizza, 31% for Italian pizza and with sales of 6,638 units of the new variety boneless buffalo. 

Campaign “Having fun like a king”

“Having fun like a king” was a campaign created in between Calimax and California Miolk Advisory Board to increase visibility of Real California Milk products, increase sales percentage and communicate the key message “Look for the seal” 

The campaign was targeted to Calimax customers, to participate it was necessary to have a minimum purchase consumption of the products with the seal and the game consisted of answering a trivia related to cinema or TV series in the shortest possible time. The first 10 people to submit their correctly answered trivia were winners of awards ranging from 58 ”screens to one year of membership on streaming platforms. 

The communication of the dynamics was accompanied by a digital campaign with the influencer “The good Leonardo”, posts, videos and stories on different social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Tik tok), as well as Radio and TV Calimax. The launch video of the promotion had 46.3 thousand views. 

Digital promotion with Sam’s Club

California Milk Advisory Board implemented a strategy through the Sam’s Club digital magazine to promote and communicate the benefits of the seal. 

Editorial content was published promoting the price club’s own brand mozzarella cheese “Member’s Mark” in its two presentations, bar and grated. This effort was accompanied by mobile and static banners on the Sam’s Club website. The promotion period was during the month of June, seeking to promote Member’s Mark mozzarella cheese and the Real California Milk slogan “Look for the seal”. 

During the promotion, a total of $ 2.2million (mxn) was sold nationwide, adding both presentations of mozzarella cheese. We had a total of 3.16M impressions 

Bon Bons ice cream launch in Costco

On April 12 was the launch nationwide in Mexico of Bon bons ice cream, mini bites of vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate.  

The launch was accompanied by the publication of a video on Costco’s social networks which had a reach of more than a million people, on the Real California Milk Facebook the boosted official video resulted in 780, 685 consumers reached and 1,458,149 total impressions. 

In addition, a special influencers campaign was published with more than 70 proposals from Mexican influencers tasting the new product #BonBons. Total results: 54, 700 impressions.  

After the launch of the vanilla ice cream dipped in dark chocolate BonBons in Mexico in April, Real California Milk and Costco decided to make a 25% discount nationwide by late summer. 

The discount boosted sales and was a success, a return on investment of 219% was obtained with a total sale of 2,807. The promotion was valid from July 26 to August 2, 2021.