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Pizza Promotion in Costco Service Deli

Costco and the California Milk Advisory Board created alliances to promote two pizzas in Service Deli area, cheese and pepperoni, where he origin of the cheese was promoted accompanied with retail publications in Facebook and Contacto magazine, as well as in the Real California Milk social media. The promotion was executed in a month, from […]

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Superama’s Race “Corre con Sentido” 2020

Products of California sponsored the 4th Editions of Superama’s Race, with more than 5000 runners from Mexico City.

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E-commerce Strategy Halos -Walmart

We distributed 7,810 boxes of Wonderful Halos through an e-commerce strategy with Walmart Mexico. In February we contacted the Walmart e-commerce department to develop a strategy that increases the brand awareness of the Wonderful Halos Mandarins. The main objective was to educate our customers on the goods of this Wonderful product. With the e-commerce team […]

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Introduction of New Dairy Products to the Mexican Market

The foodservice channel recorded this year the entry of several dairy products with the California Dairy Commission Seal to different supermarket chains in Mexico.

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Potato Lover’s Moth

For the first time in Mexico, the campaign “Potato Lover’s Month” wawas held with regional retail chain: Calimax.

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Halos Mandarins Campaign at Walmart and Superama.

Campaign development for Wonderful Halos Mandarins with retail marketing activities and sampling days at Walmart and Superama stores.

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Mexican Pizza Championship

Real California Milk Mexico sponsored the fourth edition of the Mexican Pizza Championship 2018. 

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Launch of Dutch Conference Pears in Superama

For the first time in history, Walmart Mexico decided to offer a new fruit to its consumers: Dutch Conference Pears.

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Introduction of dairy products from California to City Club 

City Club welcomed California dairy products and an introductory campaign was held.

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Sampling of California cheeses in Costco Mexico

The Dairy Council of California conducted a 3-month nationwide sampling program at 37 Costco membership warehouse clubs.  The goal was to increase the sale of 3 types of Rumiano cheeses, which are Dairy Council of California labelled.   As a general result, during the sampling days the sale increased by 99%, compared to the previous days without sampling.   

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Carrera McDonald’s 5K

As part of the activations during the Zespri Kiwifruit program with McDonald’s, the recovery snack after the 5K race organized by McDonald’s Mexico was a delicious Zespri kiwifruits. This activity helped to consolidate Zespri’s positioning in the Happy Meal.  The McDonald’s Race was held in Mexico City and more than 2,000 participants enjoyed a delicious kiwifruit at the end of the race.  […]

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