California Raisins was in charge of organizing the forum “Innovation in bakery for retail”. For the first time, California Raisins introduced an innovative online forum format, attended by numerous VIP guests, moderated by Darinel Becerra, editorial director and partner of, and led by Marc Misseri, independent chef and consultant, with a 40-year trajectory in gastronomy, being the creator of La Balance in Mexico and serving as Innovation Director at El Globo until the end of 2021.

One of the theme lines of the event was that “innovation is going back to the basics with iconic products from the world’s bakery, with re-studied formulas aligned to the new demands of the consumer”, as Marc Misseri Bastide pointed out, and at the same time, he exposed the concept of “reasoned and reasonable abundance, since we are making better nutritional products every time; but in retail, sometimes we don’t give them the significance they deserve”.