Imalix supported the process of insertion into the Mexican market of products with the seal of the California Dairy Commission. Negotiations were worked out from 2018, until this year we were able to find cheeses and Ice Cream in supermarket chains at Mexico. 

In Walmart we can find 12 new flavors of Crystal Creamery Ice Cream that were supported with point of sale activities and a digital communication program for the launch. The 4 months after sales was increased by 400 %.  

Soriana Chain Price Club, City Club, introduced two desserts with ice cream and, one specialty lychee flavor. Sales have grown steadily by 93 % compared to normal and sampling days. It also opened the doors of its catalogue to some specialty cheeses such as Monterey Jack, Cheddar and Provolone. Promotional activities were created for the sliced product and, sales increased by 500 % on samplings days against normal. 

Calimax, a regional chain with 98 stores, introduced 21 new products into 20% of its stores. Sierra Nevada, Point Reyes and Fiscalini are part of the catalogue and presented in the “Rincón del Sabor” island with deli products in the shops.  

Laben in Monterrey will make its third cheese import under the DiStefano brand in six different presentations between the products of Fiore di Latte, Artisanal Burrata and, Fresh Mozzarella.  

On the other hand, Ochoa Dairy Products in May began importing cream cheese under the Smithfield brand of the Savencia processor. This product is a second choice of California Cream Cheese at the state of Baja California.