SuperChivas Christmas Promotion

The event consisted of a Christmas promotion together with the SuperChivas supermarket chain to position the Russet potatoes as well as the  “Grown in Idaho”  seal.

The draw was promoted in point of sale with an outdoor canvas in the stores and promotion in cash register, social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and SuperChivas website, posters in strategic points of the city of Mexicali, 40 monthly spots on local television, Mention in local radio and RadioChivas that is reproduced in the 21 branches of this supermarket. 

The promotion  stated that customers had to make a minimum purchase of 350 Mexican pesos in the chain to participate in monthly consumption vouchers for one year. 

There were a total of 21 winners who will receive monthly vouchers and we achieved 100% Idaho presente at the point of sale

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Onion inbound trade mission – Idaho and Oregon

On behalf of the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA), an inbound trade mission was carried out in Idaho and Oregon with 4 buyers from Mexico with the objective of meeting with exporters of onions in both states. The following companies participated in the trade mission: 

• Casa Chávez

• Frescos del Sureste 

• Comestibles Maldonado 

• Coliman 

The buyers visited Idaho and Oregon to meet with 6 exporters and learn about their facilities and the harvesting process. As a result of the trade mission, there were purchases of around 4-6 loads of onion by importers. 

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Sampling activity in Sam’s Club for 2021 season .

For the end of the 2021 season, Imalinx coordinated a sampling session with Sam’s Club to increase the brand visibility of Zespri SunGold kiwifruit. 

The first step was to provide an extensive training to the demo personnel so that they could share the key messages, a little history of the product and its benefits with consumers. 

 In addition we provide brand materials, such as: branded stand, aprons, face mask, tasting trays (just kiwi SunGold), fruit for tasting, banners, Zespri spoons in each of the samplings for our customers. 

Among the comments of customers, it was highlighted that Zespri Kiwi SunGold has a unique and sweet taste,  and as a result of this sampling we had an increase in sales of Kiwi Zespri SunGold of 75%, this comparing to 4 weeks prior to the activity. 

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Idaho’s culinary promotion in Tijuana

On November 24th, in coordination with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, we celebrated a  Thanksgiving dinner  which representatives of supermarkets, restaurants, media in Mexico attended, in addition to Thomas Reott, Consul General of the United States in Tijuana. 

“The objective was to show the richness and variety of food produced in Idaho, as a reflection of its natural and industrial characteristics that allows it to create more than 185 commodities and that place it in the top 10 of the main agricultural producers in the United States” (siempre la noticia, 2021) 

The Idaho Russet potato was  highlighted, as well as the yellow onion. 

The  Chef in charge of developing recipes was Javier Plasencia with more than 50 k followers on Instagram. 

Chef Javier Plasencia created a 5-course menu incorporating Idaho ingredients in a unique way:  

  • Mediterranean Mussels in an Idahoan mashed potato fake shell with smoked oysters and russet potato foam 
  • Russet Potato soup with AgroPur cheddar cheese and bacon 
  • The classic table-top Caesars salad with yellow onion croutons and AgroPur parmesan cheese (Tijuana recipe) 
  • Double R Ranch USDA Choice Top Sirloin cooked slowly in a mustard marinade, sweet smoked chili peppers and yellow onions, served with a russet double-baked potato with three AgroPur cheeses, black truffles, and plant-based Melt butter 
  • Apple crisp made with plant-based butter Melt Organic and ice-cream 
  • We had 26 attendees including produce buyers from Calimax, Coliman, Importadora -Exportadora de Tijuana, and Superchivas, among others. Local chefs from the region and local craft breweries also attended as well as nine Tijuana media guests including those from the local press.  Additionally, public relations and key food influencers on social media from the area were among the guests, publishing photos and notes about the event.   

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Healthy connection with consumers

Public relations programs changed completely as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the face-to-face events were canceled, and brand launches migrated to digital. 

Fernanda Alvarado, is a teacher in community nutrition with an International Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the European University of the Atlantic. She is co-author of the Manual “Learning to Live with Diabetes” of the Universidad Iberoamericana and for more than 10 years, she has been working on the creation of editorial content related to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for the food industry. 

Fernanda is convinced that digital media are an important vehicle for prevention and health care, which is why she generates content that seeks to improve the diet of Mexicans and publishes them on her Blog Bien Comer, Instagram profile with more than 15,300 followers; and YouTube channel with 54,300 subscribers; she also hosts a podcast, a leader in the nutrition, health and wellness category. 

Due to the impact of her communication, Imalinx decided to work with Fernanda to increase brand awareness of Pasitas de California, Real California Milk and Kiwi Zespri Vita in the nutritional field. 

The campaigns lasted 12 months where 100% digital activities were developed to talk about the benefits of incorporating raisins in the daily diet, even in the bakery, as well as fighting the myths of dairy and promoting its qualities of a natural product . On the other hand, the Kiwi Zespri had a great boost by positioning it as a fruit that provides more than 100% of the vitamin C necessary for an average adult. 

Among the most outstanding activities is the Well Eating podcast recorded together with Chef Irving Quiroz to talk about Diet and Bread, with key messages of the contribution of raisins in the bakery. Said podcast reached the # 1 position of the most listened to podcast in 2020. (Listen to it here) 

As well as a Youtube Live with Sol Sigal, to talk about the benefits of vitamin C in high performance athletes. And YouTube videos with topics such as: “Are dairy necessary?” / Raisins, a healthy sugar substitute “/” All about butter “/” Dairy myths “. With a total of +121, 245 views. 

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Cooking with renowned chefs from Mexico

During the month of December, Imalinx coordinated a program with 5 renowned chefs from mexico who had the opportunity to cook with dried fruits, dairy and fresh products.

With the aim of promoting the consumption of products such as yellow onions, raisins, California cheese and butter during the holiday season, Imalinx with the support of Beto Lanz coordinatedthis program with 5 renowned chefs across Mexico.

Participating Chefs: Pablo Salas, Bianca Castro, Andrea Martínez, Juan Emilio Villaseñor and Christian González, who developed easy-to-replicate recipes using the previously mentioned ingredients as the star ingredient.

Each of the recipes were published on the Chef’s own digital channels and replicated on the social networks of the brand in order to amplify the reach.

Pablo Salas, from the Amaranta Restaurant, developed a recipe of NY Sliders with yellow onion.

Bianca Castro. Biscottis Pastry baked a total of 3 recipes with California raisin butter, as well as a yellow onion crumble.

Andrea Martinez, from Casa Liebre prepared 2 recipes with California cheese and butter and a pork rind in Raisin Adobo. Also a Pasta made by yellow onion

Juan Emilio Villaseñor, from La Cocinoteca presents us with a recipe for mole with raisins, a butter with garlic and yellow onion stuffed with Cod.

Christian González from Boulangerie Amasijo, innovated by creating a raisin chamoy and a crisp shortbread based on California butter.

Luis Serdio from Corazón de Pollo, with a unique concept of gourmet rotisserie offered a limited edition Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Mac&Cheese box with California cheeses.

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Good Carbs

IPC had the initiative to promote Idaho Potatoes as a healthy carbohydrate since one of the biggest challenges of potatoes is the belief that carbohydrates provide negative effects in diets. Through  athletes such as Paola Longoria, Charlie Sarmiento and Oso Negro a “good carbohydrates” campaign was launched. 

The biggest challenge was to find the athletes and spokesperson for the campaign, since they had to show a good image and be an example for consumers. We managed to contact Paola Longoria, one of the best racquetball players in the world, with 334mil followers on Instagram, Paola has been talking about the IPC for 3 months and has made recipes, routines, and publications with more than 1700 likes about the benefits of potatoes. Charlie Sarmiento has carried publicity on his networks and has given talks on health and sports with more than 480 reproductions. While IPC became an official sponsor of the Ultra Marathon “Black Bear” with whom we will have advertising throughout 2021 and until the race in January 2022 with banners of the account in training and advertising on social networks of the race. 

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Potato Lover’s Month – Calimax 2020

The Potato Lover’s Month promotion was an exhibition contest that was held from October 17th to November 17th in stores of the retail chain CALIMAX, with the objective of increasing visibility and sales of Idaho potatoes in 89 stores in the region of Baja California as well as guide the consumer in the selection and purchase of Idaho potatoes. 

The biggest challenge throughout this activity was to be able to have visibility due to the contingency of COVID-19

Potato Lover’s Month was achieved through retail marketing activities, such as: 

  • Massive exhibitions in-store 
  • Social media contest in which more than 20,000 people were reached. It is worth mentioning that photos of stores were updated daily to boost consumer voting, resulting in an average of 400 interactions per store. 
  • Chef Bernardo González’s cooking recipe on the social media of Calimax (on Facebook, Nov 04th), with a reach of 7.2 thousand people. The invitation to see this recipe was made through Facebook-Story with a reach of 3.3 thousand people. 
  • Newsletter targeting consumers with click rate of 23.1%, and an increase of 40% in votes for their favorite store. 

The winning Potato Lovers Month stores were Cortes, Chapultepec and Xochimilco with sales increases ranging from 44 to 54.98%  

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Latin America virtual business mission

WUSATA carried out a virtual trade mission between exporters from the Western Union States and importers from 5 Latin American countries. The objective was to generate new business relationships and mission was divided into 4 categories on 4 different dates:

  • 27 August 2020 – Value-added products 
  • 3 September 2020 – Specialty drinks  
  • September 10, 2020 – Seafood  
  • 17 September 2020 – Fruits and vegetables  

18 companies from the Western Union States participated in the mission and 26 importers from different countries such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Panama and Dominican Republic were present. Each exporter had an average of 5 meetings, with a total of 106 meetings across the mission.

This activity was previously planned for a face-to-face trip to Costa Rica and Colombia but due to the restrictions of the pandemic we resorted to technology and offered the possibility of having private and group sessions. This new mode of business mission resulted efficiency and the possibility to target a greater number of contacts with previous and virtual agendas.

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Yellow Onions Virtual Trade Missions

WUSATA conducted a virtual trade mission between exporters between the states of Idaho, Oregon and Mexican Importers, with the aim of developing business relationships. Appointments were made between leading exporters and distributors and importers in Mexico in both, the retail and wholesale sectors.

This activity was an alternative to traditional trade missions that have been face-to-face. There were significant efficiencies in resources, budgets and time. Activities were programmed in anticipation so that the yellow onion season of Idaho and Eastern Oregon could begin strongly.

This new mode of trade mission proved to be very practical since from the comfort of the participant’s home of office. Strong and long lasting ties can be formed while staying safe at the same time.

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