Six companies from the Western United States belonging to WUSATA, participated in ANTAD 2022, offering their products in the show’s American pavilion, meeting with self-service buyers with the aim of incorporating their products into the Mexican market. The attending companies were:

  • Agropur
  • Primo Pup
  • Eagle Eye Produce
  • Carrel Exports
  • American Trading International
  • Washington State Department of Agriculture

Imalinx oversaw assisting the American companies with the coordination of meetings with supermarkets, importers and distributors in the booth and outside of it, achieving the presence of more than 15 importers and supermarkets at the event.

This edition of ANTAD turned out to be effective, since our visiting companies from the Western United States were able to set up successful meetings with several buyers in search of new products.

SIAL America – Inbound trade mission 

A success story of a great opportunity for six Mexican buyers (Comercializadora Mexport, Casa Ley, Grupo Cimarron, Hanseatik, Good Express and Dualmex) where, through the support of WUSATA, they traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the SIAL America’s first show edition and the Pizza Expo show with the objective of increasing their portfolio. 

Our buyers had one-on-one meetings with more than 28 suppliers from the Western United States looking to enter the Mexican market. These meetings took place inside and outside the SIAL America show and they as well had the opportunity to visit 3 American supermarkets to learn more about products and current trends in the United States.  


In November 2021, California Raisins sponsored the International Gourmet Festival in Vallarta. We were able to generate over 30 trade leads and have presence during the event with raisins and cheese boards in 2 of the participating restaurants during the opening as well as during the wine festival, with the participation of the best international and Mexican vineyards.

Mexico added-value Outbound Trade Mission in Mexico City and Monterrey with a Central American and regional buyers delegation.

On behalf of the Western United States Agicultural Trade Association (WUSATA), a trade mission was carried out in Mexico City and Monterrey with 16 US exporters with the objective of creating commercial ties between importers from Mexico and Central America and Western United States exporters. 3 importers from Central America were present at the business rounds in Mexico City; importers visited us from Colombia, Costa Rica and El Salvador. And in Monterrey we were accompanied by 4 regional importers from Tijuana, Mexicali and Chihuahua. 

One on one meetings were held at the hotel facilities, resulting in a total of 275 meetings with an average of 17 meetings per exporter. There were on-site sales. In the Monterrey portion, the US consulate general was present at the meetings and had the opportunity to meet with the exporters and trade members. 

Latin America virtual business mission

WUSATA carried out a virtual trade mission between exporters from the Western Union States and importers from 5 Latin American countries. The objective was to generate new business relationships and mission was divided into 4 categories on 4 different dates:

  • 27 August 2020 – Value-added products 
  • 3 September 2020 – Specialty drinks  
  • September 10, 2020 – Seafood  
  • 17 September 2020 – Fruits and vegetables  

18 companies from the Western Union States participated in the mission and 26 importers from different countries such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Panama and Dominican Republic were present. Each exporter had an average of 5 meetings, with a total of 106 meetings across the mission.

This activity was previously planned for a face-to-face trip to Costa Rica and Colombia but due to the restrictions of the pandemic we resorted to technology and offered the possibility of having private and group sessions. This new mode of business mission resulted efficiency and the possibility to target a greater number of contacts with previous and virtual agendas.

Food & Service TradeShow

Trade mission sponsored by the Western Agro-Commercial Association of the United States (WUSATA) where four companies from the Western United States exhibited their products in one of the largest shows in Latin America, Espacio Food & Service, in the pavilion from the USA.

The main objective was to develop business relationships with potential clients from Chile. The companies that participate were: Primo Pup, The Neil Jones Food Co, Noh Foods and Pacific Cheese.

Imalinx with the Western Agro-Commercial Association of the United States helped plan, organize and coordinate the participation of exporters during the trade show. The companies had a great response from Chilean entrepreneurs and there was great interest in American products. One of the participating companies shared that it is already in the process of sending the product to Chile thanks to a meeting provided by Imalinx with a key industry member.

This 2020 Imalinx will participate once again in Espacio Food and Service representing the Agro-Commercial Association of the Western United States (WUSATA).

Commercial mission to New Mexico, Colorado.

In October, the commercial mission for the Producers of the Western United States of America was carried out, focused on the main importers of beer, wines and snacks. 

Attendees created business relationships and attended the Great American Beer Festival held annually in Denver, Colorado. 

Craft Beer Study

During the second quarter of 2015, Imalinx conducted a study throughout Mexico identifying the main consumer segments and the preferred type of beer depending on the region. 

The methodology of the study was carried out by visiting stores to know the availability and offer of products, as well as interviews with potential clients such as importers, owners of restaurants and bars. The results showed a total of 63 million potential consumers in Mexico. 

The study helped the National Brewers Association in the United States to determine which exporters have the greatest potential and a guide in Spanish for Craft Beer was developed. 

U.S. Wines “Best Served with Friends” Promotion

During the period August-September, a promotion of U.S. wines was executed for its consumption in Mexico. The project was carried out in coordination with the Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA).

The promotion was developed through three components:

  • Seminar / Press conference with sommeliers and specialized media.  

A seminar taught by Omar Barbosa, sommelier of the year.  42 restaurant managers and industry professionals attended to the event.

  • “Wine of the month” campaign 

It included the participation of 10 restaurants in Mexico City, Monterrey and San Miguel de Allende, who promoted tastings of U.S. wines and used material of the campaign. This resulted in an increase in sales of 14%.

  • Public relations 

The campaign efforts were carried out through an investment in newspapers, magazines and the participation at the trade show Abastur. The national coverage had the objective to communicate the origin, benefits and characteristics of the product, achieving a total reach of 7.2 million consumers.

Washington Wine Commission in Cancún

In October 2010, the event of the Washington Wine Commission was conducted in Cancun to increase awareness of industry professionals and media of the sectors regarding the wine industry of the American Union.

The tasting-seminar was taught by the Master Sommelier Shayn Bjornholm, Director of Education of the Washington Wine Commission. 

Some of the vineyards which were present include:

  • Chateu St. Michelle 
  • Columbia Crest 
  • Mildbrandt Vineyards 

By the end of the event, attendees enjoyed a tasting of a cocktail and a networking session between wine exporters and representatives of the Mexican market. After the successful event of the Washington Wine Commission in Cancun, two more visits were arranged and in 2012 Millbrant Vineyards became part of important wine catalogues in Mexico.