One of the objectives of California Raisins is to provide information and promote the consumption of raisins around members of the industry. Due to this, Imalinx contacted FORSUA, the #1 company in Training and Consulting for the Food and Hospitality Industry.

The companies held a two-day webinar focused on the snack, cereal and granola industry. With around 18 attending companies, the webinar “Production and marketing of snacks with raisins”, provided information on how to develop an operations plan to produce snacks using California Raisins as an ingredient that adds value to the products.

The workshop addressed 4 general topics; from the overview of the snack industry to the presentation of the product and labeling. Among these topics, it was also mentioned how to enter the global snack market, being prepared to know how to take advantage of ingredients, packaging and functionality, main topics and crucial drivers for the successful development of snacks and healthy products.