NuChef previously participated with Imalinx in 2016, in the Idaho Potato Commission project, “Blogger Harvest Tour”. Since its beginning in 2004. then the NuChef community has grown significantly. 

Imalinx decided to collaborate with them to create an activity in order to position the Idaho Potatoes in the market, the activity consisted of two given workshops where people could cook using Idaho Potatoes, the first one focused on housewives early in the morning and the second one for executives in the afternoon. 

The menu created was:  

  • Baked potato stuffed with chicken, corn and gratin cheese.  
  • Salad  
  • Potato Donuts  

As a gift, participants received fresh Idaho Potatoes at the end of the workshop. The potatoes used were sponsored by Grupo Dispersa.  

The workshops had 36 participants, who got involved in learning more about ways to cook with Idaho Potatoes and seeing the results of the workshop they shared their experience in their social networks.