IPC had the initiative to promote Idaho Potatoes as a healthy carbohydrate since one of the biggest challenges of the account is the belief that carbohydrates affect in a diet, so, through athletes such as Paola Longoria, Charlie Sarmiento and Oso Negro a “good carbohydrate” campaign was launched.

The biggest challenge was to find the athletes and spokesperson for the campaign, since they had to show a good image and be an example for consumers. We managed to contact Paola Longoria, one of the best racquetball players in the world, with 334 ,000 followers on Instagram, Paola has been talking about the IPC for 3 months and has made recipes, routines, and publications with more than 1700 likes about the benefits of potatoes. Charlie Sarmiento has carried publicity on his networks and has given talks on health and sports with more than 480 reproductions. While IPC became an official sponsor of the Ultra Marathon “Black Bear” with whom he will have advertising throughout 2021 and until the race in January 2022 with banners of the account in training and advertising on social networks of the race.

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