Trade mission sponsored by the Western Agro-Commercial Association of the United States (WUSATA) where four companies from the Western United States exhibited their products in one of the largest shows in Latin America, Espacio Food & Service, in the pavilion from the USA.

The main objective was to develop business relationships with potential clients from Chile. The companies that participate were: Primo Pup, The Neil Jones Food Co, Noh Foods and Pacific Cheese.

Imalinx with the Western Agro-Commercial Association of the United States helped plan, organize and coordinate the participation of exporters during the trade show. The companies had a great response from Chilean entrepreneurs and there was great interest in American products. One of the participating companies shared that it is already in the process of sending the product to Chile thanks to a meeting provided by Imalinx with a key industry member.

This 2020 Imalinx will participate once again in Espacio Food and Service representing the Agro-Commercial Association of the Western United States (WUSATA).