On May 2010, the first blueberry culinary encounter at the Higher Education Centre of San Angel (CESSA) was celebrated, where eight outstanding graduates of this year developed original recipes with blueberries as the main ingredient.

The encounter aimed to reveal the qualities and benefits of blueberries, as well as the multiple uses that these have and the necessary measures for their proper handling.
Participants were able to use fresh, frozen and dehydrated blueberries.

The result was a presentation of original recipes of which the following stand out:

  • Walnut cream with blueberry float and parmesan from Chef Silverio Cervantes 
  • Shrimp, gorgonzola cheese and blueberry salad from Chef Diego Eduardo Rangel 
  • Corn and blueberries blinis with smoked chicken and berry compote from Chef Marisol Fernández 
  • Yogurt, blueberry and curry dressing from Chef Sofía Villaseñor 
  • Blueberry chicken with carrot confit from Chef Marco Herrara 
  • Candied bream and wet figs in blueberry from Chef Ricardo Ramírez 
  • Blueberry soda from Chef Carlos Eduardo León 
  • Blueberry in three textures from Chef Víctor M. Sánchez