We distributed 7,810 boxes of Wonderful Halos through an e-commerce strategy with Walmart Mexico.

In February we contacted the Walmart e-commerce department to develop a strategy that increases the brand awareness of the Wonderful Halos Mandarins. The main objective was to educate our customers on the goods of this Wonderful product.

With the e-commerce team of Walmart we coordinated the delivery of Halos surprises, a total of 25 Walmart stores from Mexico City and Guadalajara distributed 7,10 boxes with two halos mandarins inside (340 boxes for Mexico and 225 in Guadalajara) These boxes were sent to any customer which had purchased $200 pesos in fresh products.

SALES REPORT (Official data from Walmart E-commerce Department)

  • 100% of the sample’s boxes were delivered.
  • A remarkable growth in sales, with an increase of 88% pesos and 117% pieces.
  • Last two weeks we growth at 213% pesos and 237% kilos
  • Positive customers response to a healthy and different product.
  • Wonderful Halos orders increased after this activity