During May and July, three sessions of the Culinary Institutes Program coordinated by Imalinx on behalf of the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council were held in renowned culinary schools located in Mexico City and Cancun, important tourist destinations and high implementation of gastronomy.  

These sessions consisted in conference and sample class, which aimed to increase the knowledge and demand of blueberries through students and future generations of chefs. 

The participant schools were Culinary Institute Corbuse, Centro de Estudios Superiores de San Ángel (CESSA) and Technology Institute of Cancun. (UT) 

During the workshops taught by Chef Jaqueline Garreta, over 200 graduate chefs and students learned about the origin, cultivation, and main nutritional benefits of this fruit, as well as the varieties that can be found on the market, the chemical reaction that they have when combined with other ingredients or when subjected to different culinary processes, among other topics. 
Subsequently, we held the sample classes for groups of 30 students on average in which each of the participants had the opportunity to meet the blueberries and experiment with them demonstrating their culinary knowledge and creativity cooking delicious meals and drinks. 

“Good conference! Thank you for helping to expand our creative gastronomic field.” 
– Manuel Hernandez (Bachelor of Science in Gastronomy) 
“Excellent conference and excellent workshop. Our guests were surprised by the gastronomic quality and creativity of our students. Congratulations!” 
-Communication UT Cancun