Chef Efrén Ríos, better known as Ziggy, has been ambassador of Real California Milk since 2018 and has been a spokesperson at many gastronomic events and product workshops. His most recent project comes under the name of Coma Pizza, an innovative pizzeria concept that offers an experience in every slice. In December 2020, Real California Milk visited the restaurant to record videos in collaboration with Chef Ziggy. 

The videos have the main objective of communicating the different varieties of cheeses with the Real California seal, in addition to awakening palates in anyone who views the video through digital channels. 

“When we talk about pizza, we don’t just talk about toppings or ingredients, we talk about a history, the technique, times for fresh product ripening,  dough fermentation, and a selection of products with the highest quality.” 

Efrén Ríos Ríos, winner of the 2019 Mexican Pizza Championship with the title of “Best Pizza Maker in Mexico 2019”. He has represented Mexico twice at the World Pizza Championship in Italy. 

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