Cooking with renowned chefs from Mexico

During the month of December, Imalinx coordinated a program with 5 renowned chefs from mexico who had the opportunity to cook with dried fruits, dairy and fresh products.

With the aim of promoting the consumption of products such as yellow onions, raisins, California cheese and butter during the holiday season, Imalinx with the support of Beto Lanz coordinatedthis program with 5 renowned chefs across Mexico.

Participating Chefs: Pablo Salas, Bianca Castro, Andrea Martínez, Juan Emilio Villaseñor and Christian González, who developed easy-to-replicate recipes using the previously mentioned ingredients as the star ingredient.

Each of the recipes were published on the Chef’s own digital channels and replicated on the social networks of the brand in order to amplify the reach.

Pablo Salas, from the Amaranta Restaurant, developed a recipe of NY Sliders with yellow onion.

Bianca Castro. Biscottis Pastry baked a total of 3 recipes with California raisin butter, as well as a yellow onion crumble.

Andrea Martinez, from Casa Liebre prepared 2 recipes with California cheese and butter and a pork rind in Raisin Adobo. Also a Pasta made by yellow onion

Juan Emilio Villaseñor, from La Cocinoteca presents us with a recipe for mole with raisins, a butter with garlic and yellow onion stuffed with Cod.

Christian González from Boulangerie Amasijo, innovated by creating a raisin chamoy and a crisp shortbread based on California butter.

Luis Serdio from Corazón de Pollo, with a unique concept of gourmet rotisserie offered a limited edition Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Mac&Cheese box with California cheeses.

Autumn Menu Dinner at Jaso Restaurant

As part of the beginning of the Yellow Onions season, dinner was organized at the Jaso Restaurant in Polanco at Mexico City with more than 20 media from the gastronomic sector. 

 Chefs Sonia Arias and Jared Reardon of the Jaso Restaurant, were the creators of the exquisite dinner menu that was presented to the attendees to show them the versatility of the Yellow Onions and their mild, slightly spicy flavor. 

 Some of the prominent media and guests who attended the dinner are representatives of the Editorial Televisa and members of the United States Department of Agriculture. 

At the end of the event, each guest received a promotional kit with product information to take home the flavor of the Yellow Onions. 

Mexican restaurants promote menus with U.S. products

The strategy was developed at the restaurants Teodora, Lucca, Bistro Q and Chino Latino, in which eight dishes were created including beverages, entrees, main courses and desserts. Pomegranates from the west of United States and yellow onions were included as star ingredients.

The objective was to establish a relationship between the gastronomic uses and diffusion to consumers. Visual aids, tent cards and press announcements helped the promotion creating excellent feedback from consumers and restaurant managers.