Partnership with Costco México for pizza promotion.

Costco and California Milk Advisory Board teamed up to promote the varieties of pizzas from Costco Service Deli in different key seasons along the year.

Children’s Day

The origin of the cheese was promoted during the celebration of Children’s Day from April 26 to May 2 promoting the varieties:  italian, cheese and pepperoni.

During the promotion, a total of 9,208 units were sold nationwide, with an increase in sales of 3% for pepperoni pizza, 40% for Italian pizza and 166% for cheese pizza. 

Accompanied by publications on Costco’s Facebook page that resulted in 226Kpeople reached. The paid advertising campaign in Real California Milk networks resulted in more than 500, 000 impressions. 


The promotion ran for almost a month to accompany the festivities in the Halloween season from October 27 to November 21, promoting three varieties of pizza: italian pizza, pepperoni and the launch of the new flavor boneless buffalo.

During the promotion, a total of 76,094 units were sold nationwide, with an increase in sales of 28% for pepperoni pizza, 31% for Italian pizza and with sales of 6,638 units of the new variety boneless buffalo. 

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Campaign “Having fun like a king”

“Having fun like a king” was a campaign created in between Calimax and California Miolk Advisory Board to increase visibility of Real California Milk products, increase sales percentage and communicate the key message “Look for the seal” 

The campaign was targeted to Calimax customers, to participate it was necessary to have a minimum purchase consumption of the products with the seal and the game consisted of answering a trivia related to cinema or TV series in the shortest possible time. The first 10 people to submit their correctly answered trivia were winners of awards ranging from 58 ”screens to one year of membership on streaming platforms. 

The communication of the dynamics was accompanied by a digital campaign with the influencer “The good Leonardo”, posts, videos and stories on different social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Tik tok), as well as Radio and TV Calimax. The launch video of the promotion had 46.3 thousand views. 

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Digital promotion with Sam’s Club

California Milk Advisory Board implemented a strategy through the Sam’s Club digital magazine to promote and communicate the benefits of the seal. 

Editorial content was published promoting the price club’s own brand mozzarella cheese “Member’s Mark” in its two presentations, bar and grated. This effort was accompanied by mobile and static banners on the Sam’s Club website. The promotion period was during the month of June, seeking to promote Member’s Mark mozzarella cheese and the Real California Milk slogan “Look for the seal”. 

During the promotion, a total of $ 2.2million (mxn) was sold nationwide, adding both presentations of mozzarella cheese. We had a total of 3.16M impressions 

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Bon Bons ice cream launch in Costco

On April 12 was the launch nationwide in Mexico of Bon bons ice cream, mini bites of vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate.  

The launch was accompanied by the publication of a video on Costco’s social networks which had a reach of more than a million people, on the Real California Milk Facebook the boosted official video resulted in 780, 685 consumers reached and 1,458,149 total impressions. 

In addition, a special influencers campaign was published with more than 70 proposals from Mexican influencers tasting the new product #BonBons. Total results: 54, 700 impressions.  

After the launch of the vanilla ice cream dipped in dark chocolate BonBons in Mexico in April, Real California Milk and Costco decided to make a 25% discount nationwide by late summer. 

The discount boosted sales and was a success, a return on investment of 219% was obtained with a total sale of 2,807. The promotion was valid from July 26 to August 2, 2021. 

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Healthy connection with consumers

Public relations programs changed completely as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the face-to-face events were canceled, and brand launches migrated to digital. 

Fernanda Alvarado, is a teacher in community nutrition with an International Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the European University of the Atlantic. She is co-author of the Manual “Learning to Live with Diabetes” of the Universidad Iberoamericana and for more than 10 years, she has been working on the creation of editorial content related to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for the food industry. 

Fernanda is convinced that digital media are an important vehicle for prevention and health care, which is why she generates content that seeks to improve the diet of Mexicans and publishes them on her Blog Bien Comer, Instagram profile with more than 15,300 followers; and YouTube channel with 54,300 subscribers; she also hosts a podcast, a leader in the nutrition, health and wellness category. 

Due to the impact of her communication, Imalinx decided to work with Fernanda to increase brand awareness of Pasitas de California, Real California Milk and Kiwi Zespri Vita in the nutritional field. 

The campaigns lasted 12 months where 100% digital activities were developed to talk about the benefits of incorporating raisins in the daily diet, even in the bakery, as well as fighting the myths of dairy and promoting its qualities of a natural product . On the other hand, the Kiwi Zespri had a great boost by positioning it as a fruit that provides more than 100% of the vitamin C necessary for an average adult. 

Among the most outstanding activities is the Well Eating podcast recorded together with Chef Irving Quiroz to talk about Diet and Bread, with key messages of the contribution of raisins in the bakery. Said podcast reached the # 1 position of the most listened to podcast in 2020. (Listen to it here) 

As well as a Youtube Live with Sol Sigal, to talk about the benefits of vitamin C in high performance athletes. And YouTube videos with topics such as: “Are dairy necessary?” / Raisins, a healthy sugar substitute “/” All about butter “/” Dairy myths “. With a total of +121, 245 views. 

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Collaboration with Pizzaiolo Efrén Ríos

Chef Efrén Ríos, better known as Ziggy, has been ambassador of Real California Milk since 2018 and has been a spokesperson at many gastronomic events and product workshops. His most recent project comes under the name of Coma Pizza, an innovative pizzeria concept that offers an experience in every slice. In December 2020, Real California Milk visited the restaurant to record videos in collaboration with Chef Ziggy. 

The videos have the main objective of communicating the different varieties of cheeses with the Real California seal, in addition to awakening palates in anyone who views the video through digital channels. 

“When we talk about pizza, we don’t just talk about toppings or ingredients, we talk about a history, the technique, times for fresh product ripening,  dough fermentation, and a selection of products with the highest quality.” 

Efrén Ríos Ríos, winner of the 2019 Mexican Pizza Championship with the title of “Best Pizza Maker in Mexico 2019”. He has represented Mexico twice at the World Pizza Championship in Italy. 

Watch video on our Youtube channel:

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Cooking with renowned chefs from Mexico

During the month of December, Imalinx coordinated a program with 5 renowned chefs from mexico who had the opportunity to cook with dried fruits, dairy and fresh products.

With the aim of promoting the consumption of products such as yellow onions, raisins, California cheese and butter during the holiday season, Imalinx with the support of Beto Lanz coordinatedthis program with 5 renowned chefs across Mexico.

Participating Chefs: Pablo Salas, Bianca Castro, Andrea Martínez, Juan Emilio Villaseñor and Christian González, who developed easy-to-replicate recipes using the previously mentioned ingredients as the star ingredient.

Each of the recipes were published on the Chef’s own digital channels and replicated on the social networks of the brand in order to amplify the reach.

Pablo Salas, from the Amaranta Restaurant, developed a recipe of NY Sliders with yellow onion.

Bianca Castro. Biscottis Pastry baked a total of 3 recipes with California raisin butter, as well as a yellow onion crumble.

Andrea Martinez, from Casa Liebre prepared 2 recipes with California cheese and butter and a pork rind in Raisin Adobo. Also a Pasta made by yellow onion

Juan Emilio Villaseñor, from La Cocinoteca presents us with a recipe for mole with raisins, a butter with garlic and yellow onion stuffed with Cod.

Christian González from Boulangerie Amasijo, innovated by creating a raisin chamoy and a crisp shortbread based on California butter.

Luis Serdio from Corazón de Pollo, with a unique concept of gourmet rotisserie offered a limited edition Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Mac&Cheese box with California cheeses.

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Pizza Promotion in Costco Service Deli

Costco and the California Milk Advisory Board created alliances to promote two pizzas in Service Deli area, cheese and pepperoni, where he origin of the cheese was promoted accompanied with retail publications in Facebook and Contacto magazine, as well as in the Real California Milk social media.

The promotion was executed in a month, from October 28th to November 22nd, where California Milk supported for the first time Costco Service Deli during their annual special promotion with pizzas. During this month Costco sold around 64,493 units nationwide. This is 135% of sales increase vs the same promotion in 2019. With Costco’s Facebook post 135,606 people was reached, and a total of 350,000 magazines printed.

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Spreading the Passion for Bread

The month of August began with two online seminars in collaboration with the Mexican Bakers Guild (COMEPAN), a project created by Chefs and Bakers: Irving Quiroz, Bernardo Flores, Kenny Kuri and Carlos Ramírez Roure. The event was sponsored by Real California Milk, California Raisins, and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Monterrey Office. 

The invitation was open to the general public with the aim of captivating enthusiasts for the bakery that could later be part of the guild itself. The Seminar was carried out on two dates; August 12 for Mexico City and August 13 for Monterrey, achieving a total record of 3,081 people who connected from Mexico, the United States, Spain and Colombia.

The first date was covered with the participation of Kenny Kuri and Carlos Ramírez Roure who produce Cocoa Bread with pasitas, Vienna Bread, Rye Bread and Peasant Bread. On the other hand, Bernardo Flores and Irving Quiroz showed the techniques For achieving a low fermentation Ciabatta, Marbling Box Bread, Sourdough with Oat Atole and Dark Chocolate Babka.

View stream:  


The Mexican Bakers Guild is a meeting point for all bakery enthusiasts, professionals and entrepreneurs in general who share the philosophy of the goodness of bread. A survey was conducted to explore the opinion and segments of attendees:

Type of Industry % 
Consumer 22% 
Distributor 1% 
Foodservice 5% 
Other 32% 
Bakery 40% 


What type of content would you like for future seminars? % 
Interviews 0% 
Explanation of ingredients 7% 
Recipes 18% 
Baking techniques 70% 
Tips 5% 


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Chef Irving Quiroz highlights the importance of butter in baking

On June 17, an online seminar was held for more than 1,000 registered participants taught by Chef Irving Quiroz where he spoke about the importance of butter as a key ingredient in baking. 

During the 90-minute session, Chef Irving Quiroz shared his knowledge and experiences with butter, highlighting the importance of quality butter, the optimum temperature for different types of baking, and the process of sifting the flour and fermenting the dough. Also, he explained the differences between a margarine and butter, an important characteristic at the end of the baking.  

Chef Irving Quiroz baked: Conchas Gourmet, Chocolate Chip Cookies and a little-known bread in Mexico called Kouign Amann, a typical bread from the French region of Bretagne that means “Butter tart” and which has a special cold-rolling process. The digital recipe book was available to download at 

The event was moderated by Beto Lanz, author and journalist about travel and gastronomy in Mexico and the world. Beto emphasized the origin, the process and the flavor of California Butter in addition to answering the participants’ questions. 

Webinar record: 

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