This year we held three weeks of Idaho Potato samplings at 36 City Club stores across the country from July through September.  

The objective of the activity was for people to know about the unique and delicious flavor of Idaho potatoes, how they are prepared, and to identify the “Grown in Idaho” seal as a guarantee that they are getting the highest quality and authentic Idaho potatoes. 

During this month and a half, Idaho potatoes in frozen format in wavy and straight cuts were used for sampling days, reaching sales of more than 851 boxes of frozen potatoes, which are equal to more than $450k in sales, therefore obtaining an ROI of 41%. 

For the October demos, an activation was held at City Club San Jeronimo with the presence of Paola Longoria, where a Meet and Greet took place with the athlete. Where the people had the opportunity to meet her, take pictures and sign autographs. This demo had around 50 attendees who were in the store for the event and a huge reach in networks due to the communication that Paola made on Instagram where she has more than 324,000 followers.