Due to Mother’s Day and the multiple recipes that can be made with Real California Milk’s mozzarella cheese, we implemented a strategy throughout the month of May through Sam’s Club digital magazine to promote and publicize the quality of the seal. 

Editorial content was published promoting the brand’s own mozzarella cheese “Member’s Mark” in its two presentations, in bar and grated. This effort was supported by mobile and static banners on the Sam’s Club website, as well as posts on its social networks. These efforts were in force during the month of May seeking to promote the Memember’s Mark mozzarella cheese and the slogan of Real California Milk “Look for the seal”, where flavor, quality and performance were the main messages to highlight about the product. 

During the promotion, a total of $13.7 M was sold nationwide, adding both presentations of mozzarella cheese. On the other hand, the campaign achieved a total of 1.86M impressions and a CTR of 2%.